Sam and her three little girls looking at a ladybug in Burley Idaho

Ladybug in Burley Idaho
Sam and her three girls

On a drive to Utah in March we were forced to make a stop in Burley, Idaho. On our road trips I only stop if three kids are crying at once. Burley is just over 2 hours out of Boise so we made a stop to relieve the suffering in the van. It’s always windy in Burley. The wind was whipping along at 20 MPH on this day. The kids love to run into and with the wind. While not running Lily found a tiny Ladybug and showed it to Sam. Grace and Kimi also found themselves interested in the tiny bug.

On our road trip stops I feel the urge to get out of the van and shoot. I keep my Rolleiflex in its bag between the driver and passenger seats for just this type of occasion. Here’s another image from a road trip stop last summer.

roadtrip stop in snowville utah
Stop on a roadtrip summer 2010


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