It’s just us…

Sam walking with Lily Bailey and Kimi in Grindelwald Switzerland September 2018
In Grindelwald, Switzerland

There are times when you feel the sharp edge of life and shrink back to safety. You feel vulnerable.

We went to the Swiss Alps last week. It’s a short flight to Lyon where we planned to get in a rental van and drive the 4 hours to Grindelwald, Switzerland. The Sunday night we landed and merrily walked through a quiet airport and took the rental car shuttle to get our van. Our happy moods ended instantly when I realized that I had forgotten my credit cards…They were sitting on my desk back in Toulouse.

The rental car agent asked if there was anyone I could call to help. I shook my head “No, it’s just us…”

It was dark. We couldn’t rent a car. It was late. All 7 of us were huddled together on a bench outside the rental car agency in silence. Alone in a foreign country where we don’t speak the language late on a Sunday night. Grace whispered “What’s going to happen?”

Thanks to Uber and I reserved a hotel room and got a ride. For a few minutes before we had a plan the kids were terrified and I felt a little scared too.

The night before we flew to France my friend, Jason Allen, said that our family would never be closer than we will the next few months in France. I had actually never thought about that before he predicted it. The logistics of the move were so overwhelming that just getting there was my only focus.

We all had our lives going smoothly in Idaho. We knew what we were doing. Now those grooves are disturbed so badly that we feel the edge of life. We’re regrouping and readjusting to a new life. We need each other. We’ve banded together. We’re a close little tribe of friends.

Notice how Sam is in the middle of nearly all of these photos? They gather around her.

All together on a bench in Paris September 2018
On the streets of Paris
The kids and Sam after a hard hike in the Swiss Alps September 2018
Just after a hard hike in the Swiss Alps
Sam taking Graces picture at the Louvre Jack Kimi Bailey and Lily
At the Louvre
Sam helping Kimi after a bad fall on the trail with Grace and Lily Switzerland September 2018
Kimi fell pretty hard running down the trail. We stopped a while to help.
Grace Kimi and Lily on the high speed train to Paris September 2018
Riding the high speed train to Paris
Jack and Grace walking by the Louvre Paris September 2018
Walking the vast area around the Louvre
Kimi Grace Sam Lily walking and shopping in Isle Sur la Sourgue August 2018
Shopping in Provence with the girls


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