Barbie Birthday Cake 3rd Birthday

Grace wanted a Barbie Birthday for months leading up to her party. When asked about her party she’d speak in keywords  [cake, glitter, presents, fun, barbie birthday, plates, and so forth]. Sam was the good mom and made a barbie birthday cake. Her sister, a professional cake decorator put the finishing touches on it just before the party. Grace loved it, 3 year olds are very cute.

Does she like it? Yes.
Looking at the cake.

She was so excited about the party that she didn’t sleep much the day leading up to the party and she ate nothing all day. She was completely overwhelmed with anticipation. She was tired and mellow.

One more look at the barbie birthday cake
Happy birthday, Grace
3 year old birthday party
Fun time opening presents

Happy birthday Grace. We love having you in our family.

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