About Me

I am a Father of 5 children. These people are my most important contribution to the world. In the words of Alan Jackson “his greatest contribution were the ones he’ll leave behind”.

All the kids and I

Therefore I plan, plot, and engineer everything I do around what is best for my family. I have two priorities with respect to their development.

  1. Helping them develop a lasting, high quality relationship and testimony of the Saviour Jesus Christ.
  2. Helping them to become self-sufficient as human beings operating in todays world, which is brutal.

As my childen are my priority and most of my effort goes towards them, the images in this blog are my family and my dealings with those little people.

It wasn’t always like this.  I struggled at first (the first 5 years) to be a good father and to get past my own selfish desires. But through the process of invitations from my wife and her patience with me, I slowly “got it” and began to see the vision that she had always in her mind of a family that is close and happy. Life is better now.

It actually took 3 children for me to start to understand the importance of my role as a father. I love to meet new members of my family as they are born. It is a real thrill. I would have several more children if Samantha, my wife, would go for that.

1998 with 8x10

I am also a photographer, by trade, profession and passion. Photography is what I use to express myself and often what I use to interperet the world around me. I went to a fine photograhic school called Brooks Institute of Photography during the years of 1995 to 1998.

During my course work I photographed everything from houses to babies, Tide detergent to landscapes. I agonized over what to do with my skill and talent as a photographer. That dilemma brought many philosophical questions in my mind and one of the most important ones became the question: “what am I photographing and why”.

One summer vacation I paid a visit to my wife’s Grandmother. She is a lovely woman living in the small farming town of Wendell, Idaho. At the time I was thinking about my career and tumbling ideas around in my head about what my photography meant and what it would be used for. On a wall as I passed from the living room to the kitchen I noticed the high school senior portraits of her 10 children nicely framed and organized in birth order. It struck me that these photographs are nearly priceless to her and eventually to her children and grandchildren and so forth. My decision to pursue portraiture became clear at that moment.

Portraiture to me is more than a valuable record of our loved ones. It can and should be a beautiful and high quality record. That is where I come in. I spend most of my time thinking about how to refine and produce portraiture  that will reach the heart of my clients.