Pit stop in Beaver Utah with my Rolleiflex FX

Beaver Utah
Just relaxing on the grass

When we take a road trip with our 5 kids we drive until at least three kids are crying at once. Then we stop for a break. Living in Boise, Idaho means that no matter which direction you are traveling – North, South, East or West – the options for stopping at a place that has ammenities are few. Boise is an urban island whose closest city is Salt Lake City, 350 miles away.

People living in Boise are not interconnected with other local cities. We’re a close community because of this. When you fly into Boise from any direction all you see is sagebrush and mountains until the last 5 minutes of the flight when the airplane is circling the airport.

On this trip we were actually south of Salt Lake City on our way to Saint George, Utah. We stopped in Beaver, Utah and found a patch of grass. This piece of grass was between Wendy’s and the freeway.

It’s amazing how much better my kids act after a short stop like this one. We were on the grass for about 15 minutes.

Climbing the tower next to wendys in beaver utah
Climbing the tower next to Wendys
Sitting in the grass in Beaver, Utah
Sitting in the grass


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