Photographic Review 2010 part II

After I published the Photographic review of 2010  last week I didn’t read it. 1/3 of the post had been deleted from the post. I don’t know how but I suspect that when you put 50 or more images in one post WordPress starts to choke. So I’m finishing the post here.

 Samantha had a busy year like everyone else in the family. But her year was particularly busy because she was pregnant the first 6 months and then she had a baby. Those of you that know Sam know that she does things the way that she feels they should be done. She doesn’t just have a baby. She has our babies at home without medication. I support her in her having babies at home because I like it better than going to the hospital and I like the idea of the baby being born without drugs and so on but honestly I would be fine with any way she’d like to do it because how ever your babies are born they’re still here and the joy is not diminished.

 I guess you could say that the way Sam has her babies is indicative of her entire life’s administration. She doesn’t do what is convenient for her. She does what she feels is best. I admire her for that. Beyond that she’s a beautiful woman that I adore. We’ll grow old together. The top post of 2010 was the page I wrote a few months ago “Falling in love with Samantha”. I love you Sam.

 Like Bailey, Sam avoids the camera. So here are some of the photos she’ll allow me to show the entire internet.

With her three little girls
Grace and Sam decorating Christmas cookies
Kimi the Care Bear with mommy
Right after Sam asked "So, do you like me?" 1995
Kim at 3 months
Trying on white pants in 1997


Sams neckline
Sam and I at Thanksgiving. I like her hair like this.

Lily turned 6 this year. Her year was punctuated with her graduation into the 1st grade and the ending of her lifelong thumb-sucking career. She is a sweet thing. Her personality and confidence developed a great deal in 2010. A little known fact about Ms. Lily is that her favorite hobby is to torture her siblings with subtle teasings only detectable by the most discerning eye. Lily Ball…

Lily and LydiaUncle Joe helping LilyReady for churchLily kissing KimiLily holding KimiProud of the lost toothLily's birthday tiera and sunglasses


Grace is the most active child in our household. Her shenanigans will be in our family’s folklore forever. I documented one of them in the post titled “My custom desktop by renowned artist: Grace Ball”. In our house if you can’t hear Grace you better start looking because she’s probably in your bed with a jar of lotion or lighting the sofa on fire or driving away in your car.

Her spirited nature aside she’s grown an amazing amount in one years time. It’s so bitter to see photos only a year old that seem like a million years ago. Time is accelerated for a 1 year old.
Grace this summer
Grace and Lily fairies at Haloween
Grace swimming
Swinging Grace
Grace is skeptical of new baby Kimi
Mellowed out with sickness
Serious Swinger
The beginning of multitasking
Are we there yet?
Watching the wiggles

Happy 2011 everybody.

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