The Photographic Review of 2010

It’s 16 degrees and white outside my door. The last day of the year. It seems that Spring, Summer and Fall never happened. 2010 whipped by me like a Ferrari Testarossa.

Lucky for me I’ve got evidence of the year. Photographic evidence. I try my best to keep my Rolleiflex FX loaded with film. I try to take interesting photographs that I can enjoy and write humourous observation with. It takes work and time but I love it. It’s my passion, it has been since I was in high school.

One lesson I’ve learned in photographing my family is to photograph. Saying to yourself that I’ll shoot it next time doesn’t work because there is no next time. Each event in life is so unique that to miss a good one is to say goodbye to it forever. I don’t shoot everything, but I shoot as much as I can.

Our new family member. Kimi. One week old on my chair.

The most important event in our family this year was Kimi Lynn Ball’s birth. The post announcing Kimis birth was the most popular post of the year. You can see it here. She’s an angel in our home. It’s hard to describe unless you’ve been there.

I just did her 6 month portrait:

Kimi Lynn Ball 6 months old
Kimi in Moms arms
Kimi in October
Lily kissing Kimi

Another big event in my life was that my youngest brother, Zach and I started two businesses this year. Seize the Job and Way Beyond Newsletters. He’s my younger brother by 12 years. I don’t feel the age difference until one or more of my five kids shows up in the office asking for money, help or they’re just plain bored. We work together very well. His steady personality keeps me from going too crazy.

Zach, Brasko and Mozely

Some photos of Zach and I working for promotion:

Going over a newsletter
Reviewing a newsletter
Talking about a newsletter

Jack is 9. It’s the precious age where playing is his life. He’s not encumbered with girls, work, cell phones or anything else. He just plays. It’s been a great year for him. He’s got a special place in my heart being my only son. I try my best to keep a connection with him.

Time for fun
Shootin' the slingshot

We did an adventure in the Owyhee canyonlands. I wrote three posts about it here, here and here. It was awesome fun.

It was windy. Check out his hair.

Jack got a gun for his 9th birthday. We live in Idaho.


I wrote a post about this fishing trip titled “The Skeptical Fish at Bruneau Sand Dunes”.

Jack with his cousins
In the hot tub
Uncle Joes new Ipad
Monopoly man and a sociopathic killer
"Yeah, I have enough lunch money"

Bailey turned 12. She had her first “boyfriend” and is a couple inches taller than Sam now. She’s the most elusive photographic subject in the house. I have to sneak photos of her.

6th graders
Bailey the Witch
Bailey and Tatum
Bailey and her cousins at the lake
Grandpa, will you swing me?
One week old snowman

The head fell off this snowman within one week of its creation. I just like this photo.

Treeline at the lake

The year was busy. I started a couple of businesses, had a baby, moved into a new house and built a new portrait studio. In the mix of it all my brother, Jake, the campain manager for a US senator hired me to drive all over Idaho distributing campain signs. I drove 7000 miles and squeezed in a couple of landscape photography moments. This was one of them. Redfish lake, it just started to rain. I don’t know if i’ll ever shake my desire to photograph landscapes. I’ve never done anything with any of them. They sit in boxes and on hard drives collecting dust.

Custom artwork
Near Crouch, Idaho
Annual Tradition
Not sure if it's abandoned
Josh's Family
One pink, one blue glove
Outside Pearl, Idaho
I've driven passed it a hundred times
Lit by a lamp. Wearing an old t-shirt.
San Marino California
The woman of the year
At the beach. Down time.
A detail to be remembered
San Ysidro, California
San Diego, Ca
San Ysidro, Ca
Orange Tree
Just relaxing with a pistol
Sorry sucker

This envelope prompted an irrevrent post titled “The most insincere apology ever

Jake overlooking the canyon at dusk
Rain 5 miles away. Sun where I stand.
Good times
The starting point in Idaho
Where's me going?
Let's go!
Full length. Diaper only.
A lovely campsite
Have you seen this cat?
Our Kids in September 2010
Swinging Grace
Grace and Sam
Easter eggs-Easter bread
The funniest photo of the year
All the Ball cousins
Scott. My Brother in Law
Josh, my brother in law, with his son, Brody.
Grandma Smiths living room. Shows her priority.
A fine photo of my brother, Jake.
Justin in the lake
Teaching Ethan how to shoot a pistol
Kara, the modern mother.
Rising Storm
Noone pulls off sweats and dress shoes at the lake like my dad.
Uncle Stan hiking with the kids on the petrified sand dunes.
Uncle Joe helping Lily
Josh's hariy back
Praying for you all in 2011

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