What 25 months does to three babies

November 2008
December 2010

This is Grace and her two cousins. They were all born within 6 months of each other. We did the top portrait in November 2008 and the bottom just last month, December 2010.

It’s amazing what 25 months can do for a baby.


  1. LOVE those photos Jon! So cute and precious.

    it is truly amazing the changes we go through as infants! I was telling my boys the other day that our baby will grow about 7 inches and gain 6 pounds in the next 3 months and that’s just the beginning…after he’s born he grows like crazy for 2 years.

  2. Hey I need a copy just like the other one I got for my birthday of this one. Let me know how much and I’ll get it to you! This turned out so cute, and they grow up way to fast!

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