How To Hold a 9 Month Old Child

How Joey holds his girl
Alternate position

Dads can do it. It’s very natural for us to hold our babies in alternative positions. We’re not naturally the most nurturing parent so holding a baby isn’t “holding a baby”. It’s more like “getting a job done” or “packing a load around”.

Joey invented these two holds. I’ve never seen them before. He’s just following a long line of tradition. My mother has photos of my dad holding his kids in unusual ways. There’s a photo of my Dad holding Jake, my brother, by the back of his bib overalls. Another shows my dad holding my sister Mindy with her chest on his hand up high over his head.

I’ve got a unique sit and squat hold where my babies feet curl up in my hand and I hold them against my waist. Kind of like carrying a bowling ball. The football hold is good too. Lay your baby face down along your forearm with her head against next to your elbow. The baby gets a red face and it’s hard for her to cry because of the pressure on her chest. A big advantage to this hold is that if she throws up it just lands on the ground. It’s convenient.

The ever famous hold/trick is to stand a baby up on your hand. It looks dangerous but honestly it’s not. With my older kids when I was a younger/crazier dad I’d thrill audiences with the baby standing on my hand trick. They’d laugh. For a thrilling finish I’d turn the baby upside down. It worked great because I’d have my babies feet tight in my hand

Explicit disclaimer: DO NOT TRY THAT TRICK AT HOME!


  1. I love these pics! such great poses and holds! i’ve always enjoyed seeing how my brothers will end up holding their babies in very unique ways that I never would have thought of!

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