Jake the Golden Retriever Puppy

Golden Retriever Puppy
Jake the Golden Retriever Puppy

My Bro-in Law got a new dog. It’s a Golden Retriever puppy named Jake. I had forgotten his name but lucky for me his name is on his tag prominently displayed around his neck. I’m not a dog person, so I’m not used to seeing puppies and little Jake blew me away. He looks like a fake stuffed dog, but he’s not fake, he’s real. I marveled at the perfection of his creation and then responded in the only way I knew how; I took a photo with my Rolleiflex FX.

I just thought it was a cool picture that everyone might benefit from seeing.

–Photograph shot onto Portra 160 film with a Rolleiflex FX camera in June 2011.


  1. Love it! He’s gotten so much bigger since then but still cute. Come take photos of him anytime you want :)

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