Kimi’s one year old birthday party

one year old birthday party
Kimi's big day
one year old birthday party opening presents
Opening presents
giant cupcake
Kimi's giant cupcake
Eating her first cake
eating a giant cupcake
Kimi enjoying her giant cupcake

Kimi actually turned one years old last month (June 2011). She has a small circle of friends. Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunts, Uncles, Mom, Dad, and her siblings. It’s a small group, but a passionate one. We really love her.

Kimi is our last baby so each little milestone is a little emotional for both Sam and I. It’s very gratifying to see all of my kids together and know that they’re all here with Sam and I safely and that we’re in the throes of raising them. It’s humbling, actually.

Happy Birthday Kimi! We love you.


— All images shot with onto Portra 160 film with a Rolleiflex FX. Film processed at Millers Lab.

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