In the snow uphill both ways.

Walking to school

When I was a kid, I had to walk in the snow uphill both ways.

We live close (2 blocks) to the elementary school. Our kids walk to school. When the weather is slightly imperfect Bailey begs for a ride. I say no. When the weather is horribly imperfect I still say no. If it’s raining, I take them. Being wet all day is a real drag.

When I was a youngster I walked to school. I loved walking to school in the winter so I could freeze my hair. I’d shower just before leaving so my hair was wet. It would freeze on the trip. Frozen hair feels cool. I’ll have to tell Jack so he can try it.

It’s new years eve, eve. 2010 has been a good year, filled with change for our family. We had a new baby, moved into a new home, I started a new business, we had a vacation to Zions National Park and the kids all got a year older.

I’m working on a best of 2010 post to be rolled out tomorrow. It’ll have images, funny anecdotes and a soulful reminiscent overtone. So, tune in tomorrow for what’s sure to be the post of the year!


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