Family: Sam on a “sea day”


The start of a great day

There are two types of days on a cruise ship.

1. Days at sea

2. Days at port

My favorite days are the ones at sea. Heres my schedule:

Sleep in, have a lazy breakfast, lay by the pool, have lunch, take a nap, lay by the pool, take a nap, shower, eat dinner, go to the show, walk around the cruise ship in the darkness.

At night the humid wind whips everything around on the top deck of the ship. I love strolling with Sam, holding hands, looking out at the darkness across the ocean. It’s good.


Photo tips, philosophical ramblings and technical information

Rolleiflex FX Portra 160NC film, Exposure unknown.

I am annoying on a cruise ship. I carry my Rolleiflex on a tripod. I’ve never hit anyone with the tripod but it is only a matter of time. I take the tripod along because it is so difficult to get exactly the composition I want going handheld.

With the Rolleiflex I compose the image by looking at the ground glass from about 3 feet away. When it looks great I pop the magnifier up and fine focus. I usually question the composition when I put my eye on the magnifier. I have trained myself to not adjust it.

That’s one of the magic parts of a camera with a ground glass, the composition is so much more pronounced. It’s a different experience. I suggest to new photographers not to limit themselves to one format. There is so much more than DSLR’s out there.

-Jon Ball is a photographer who has been shooting since 1980. It’s true. Thank you for reading photo tips.


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