Family: Scott and Ethan at Cloverdale

Scotts turn on the rifle

It was so windy, the boys decided to stay in the trooper and watch the shooting.  It reminded me of the Meerkats on Animal Planet.

Ethan with rifle. WATCH OUT!

Occaisonally on facebook, my nephew Ethan will instant message me “Hi”.  I always ask him the same thing, “Don’t you have any chores to do?”  He always says “No”.  He’s probably lying.

Watching Ethan standing on my center console, shooting out of the sunroof on my Trooper made me think, “Finally someone is using that.”  He’s going to love this photograph.  

Trooper wheel

I had a photo professor at Utah State the year I went there (1994) named Craig Law.  He owned an older Trooper.  He took us on lots of trips, gnarly off-road trips. If you’ve never been on an off-road trip you are missing out. It is so satisfying to sit in your vehicle and roll over difficult terrain.

That old Trooper could go anywhere.  Through that experience I fell in love with both outdoor photography and Isuzu Troopers at the same time.

I’ve had this Trooper since 2000. It’s 15 years old this year and I love it just the same as when I bought it.

Living in Southern California was hard on the Trooper, all that freeway travel, and no dirt to drive on. I celebrated this trip because the Trooper finally got to fulfill it’s purpose.

The Trooper looked shabby in SoCal.  Every other car is a BMW or Mercedes, no kidding.  There were a few guys with ferrari’s in our neighborhood.  As a kid in Idaho my friends and I had posters of ferrari’s on our walls. I actually never thought someone could own one and actually drive it around.

I felt a little self-conscious driving the old Trooper around SoCal, so when I moved back to Idaho and was surrounded by f-150’s and Novas, the Trooper looked pretty good again.  It feels great.

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