Some quotes from Rocky II

Sometimes cable television is the best.  At 11PM I started watching Rocky II and didn’t stop til it ended much too late for a guy like me who has to get up at 6:40 to take care of 4 kids with his wife.

These two audio files are some of my favorites from the movie. I thought you might like them.


Rocky gets paid $150,000 for fighting Apollo Creed, who is his nemesis except in Rocky III and IV where Apollo is his close friend. In 1979 that’s a lot of money. It’s a lot of money now.

A reporter asks “Rocky your pay for the fight is very substantial. What are you going to do with the money?”


Mick, Rocky’s grizzled trainer loses patience with Rocky. Rocky knows his wife does not approve of his upcoming fight and he can’t focus. What does Mick do?

Tough love.

“All right. Then don’t you waste my time no mo’. Ya hear that?

Go away, go back to the docks where you belong. You go back to bein’ a two bit nothin’.

But don’t you ever come back here again. Because I’m too old to waste my time tryin’ to train a no good loser like you. YOU BUM!”

There are times when you must channel the inner Mick to put your message across. Don’t mince words. Be like Mick.

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  1. […] What’s not to like? The blue collar guy rises above every conceivable challenge who works hard to win the impossible fight. It delights me every time I see it. The dialogue is loaded with personality and the fight scene gets me out of my chair every time. Awesome! I wrote a post last year about Rocky II. It’s here   […]

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