Moving to Idaho. California memories…

Christmas Eve 2007
Christmas Eve 2007. Calafia beach. San Clemente, Ca

We are moving back to Idaho. Our time in California has come to a close. It is a difficult situation for our family because we have made so many close friends. I’ve been going through some of the images from the last 4 years and I came across this one. It’s amazing how a photograph can transport you back to a time and place.

In 2007 we had our first Christmas in California.

The kids were the ages that we could really enjoy going to the beach and they could play and have a grand time exploring. Times were bright. I had a new business, the smells in the air were new (a consistent smell of car exhaust, salty water and eucalyptus trees) and we were so excited to be in our new home.

I took this photograph of Jack and Lily playing on Christmas Eve. It was such a thrill to be there the day before Christmas.  The temperature was in the 70’s and the sun was bright. It was a spectacular day and experience.

It was shot with a 5×7 Speed Graphic made in the 1920’s

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