The Worlds Youngest Stalker

1 year old in highchair
Where's she going?

For a few months Sam had a stalker. It was her daughter, Kimi.

During this time Sam always had Kimi at her feet. Unless Kimi could see Sam she didn’t feel good so she chased her all day. Sam didn’t mind but if had been me I think I would have hid just to get a little peace.

When Sam wanted to hand Kimi off to me she’d swat my hands away and grip tightly to Sams hair. In the morning or after nap time if I was the one who went to get her up she cried in disappointment. The disappointed look on her face was truly sad.

It lasted only a couple of months. Now she’s only a “semi-stalker”.

In this photo I watched Kimi watch Sam go outside into the backyard. It was incredible how focused she was on Sam. Kimi was a model of focused determination throughout her stalker phase.


  1. I like your blog. its cute and interesting and each post makes me want to read the next. Let me know how you like the ilford Art 300 paper. Currently I am planning on reprinting anything I have printed on it so far onto the paper I typically use. I just can’t get past the texture. I bugs me more that I thought at first. especially on skin.

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