Looking at Trampolines

Looking at the computer

It makes perfect sense to me; all the clutter around the three main subjects in this photo.

The photo behind Sam’s head is from a photo trip back in ’98 it’s a door in SoHo in NYC. I printed it in my basement darkroom the same year. I had to print at night and cleaned it with a hose while hanging it on the backyard clothes line.

The black mound of fabric behind Lily is my 8×10 camera draped with it’s dark cloth. I keep it handy for the moments when spectacular light strikes.

The stack of black squares on the desk in front of Lily are 5 super 8 movie cartridges I’ve shot the last year waiting to be mailed to the lab. I’ve got a box of super 8 movies that I’ve been shooting since ’97. A few times a year we sit in the dark watching the movies flicker. I love watching real movie film being projected through a projector.

My light meter is in the front center of the scene out of focus right next to my wallet. (That light meter ends up in more photos then I wish it would).

Lily and Sam are looking at trampolines. Kimi, not knowing anything about much just enjoys sitting on her mom’s lap.

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