Too much online garbage, losing strength…

Lets fix this problem for the childrens' sake

I did a search online yesterday for a quote about the value of newsletters to a business. I thought it was a simple search. I wanted an article or a bit of information that supported the concept of newsletters. Simple, right? 

I found nothing of value. I found mostly fragmented informational bits of promotional garbage and several newsletters ranging from chicken farming to a mens clothing and of course 100,000 people willing to sell me information about my own newsletter success. But nothing that I found had intrinsic value. I didn’t give up quickly. I searched for 20 minutes or so and finally quit. 

What is going to happen to the internet? In many years there will be so much content online that it’s going to be a real mess. Does anyone else out there find this irritation? Am I inept at using search engines? Help me understand.

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