At the Boy Scout Eagle court of honor in 1997

The Brothers Ball at Joseph's Boy Scout Eagle Court of Honor

On this occasion in 1997 my brother, Joseph got his eagle badge in the Boy Scouts of America. All my brothers got to the Eagle rank in scouting. To my everlasting shame I never achieved that rank. I should have, but never did. 

Joseph is my most interesting brother. He said and did some crazy stuff as a kid. A few years before this photo was taken we were at Jacobs Eagle court of honor. My wife, Sam asked Joseph if he had his Eagle badge. He was only 14 at the time. He looked down and meekly responded “No, I don’t even have my life.” Sam, not knowing anything about scouting didn’t realize that “life” is a rank in scouting. She told me that she was worried about Joseph, “he told me he doesn’t have a life. I almost started crying for him.” 

There’s only one thing I don’t understand in this photo. Why is Jacob taller than me?


  1. RossAnne is correct. I was earning my cross-dressing merit badge that day. So, yes, I was wearing high heels.

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