Family: The girls bedroom at daybreak

Any given morning

“It’s time to get up for Kindergarden.”

“Do I have to go?”

“What do you think?’

“Where’s Bailey?”

“She’s been awake for about an hour already. She’s watching Hannah Montana on TV.”

“Do I have to go to Kindergarden?”

“What do you think”

“Is it almost summertime yet?”

“No, its four months away.”

“Is that a far time?”

“You need to get up.”


Lily is our slow mover. She often stops at the halfway point putting her pants on to lay on the floor for a while. Sam helps the other three kids and I assist Lily through the process of getting dressed for the day. 1:1 attention.

I guess going to kindergarden is a big adjustment from days filled with eating and sleeping and playing.

I like photographs like this one. They are unvarnished, raw glimpses into daily life.  They tell so many stories. B and L sleep in their beds under their letters. Hannah Montana is the poster. She was popular at the time. The old suitcase at the foot of Lilys bed is Baileys. We got it at a garage sale for Bailey before she was born. Sometimes the items and context in the photograph are more interesting then the intended subject matter. “Less is more” is always taught in photography classes and as classic wisdom. I disagree. Photography is a generous medium. Let it open its arms in your photography. You’ll be glad you did.


  1. ok Jon, I have to ask this, was Lily really born at a garage sale? I get a kick out of misplaced modifiers.

    Would you like to take a picture of my room? On the other hand I rescind my invitation.

    But I do get the girls room.


  2. Thanks for helping me with my modifiers. Had to look that one up.. I think it’s fixed now. Thanks! Anytime you need a photograph of your room just let me know.

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