Family: Two girls swinging

Good times

It’s the simple things in life that bring us the most joy.

My favorite things:

  • Sam all dressed for church
  • Tickling Lily
  • Talking to Bailey about her friends
  • Planning a camping  trip with Jack
  • Seeing the leaves after a grey winter
  • Graces fluffy curls after a bath
  • Anything Sam cooks for me.  I sit in my chair at the table like a King recieving his glory
  • Fresh sheets in the bed
  • The smell of bacon frying
  • Thinking about our new baby – Kimi
  • Hugging my kids (when they hug back)
  • The whisper of the Rolleiflex shutter firing
  • The height of my drivers seat in the Trooper
  • My old ratty chair (it used to be Sams)
  • Waking up with Sam
  • A good quality movie and buttered popcorn
  • Superior quality sculpture
  • When all the bills are paid
  • A solid days work
  • Seeing the gas gauge at full
  • Time to absorb poetry
  • The 1st tee box with friends
  • Steak at cafe 207 in San Clemente
  • Boarding a cruise ship
  • The smile Sam gets when she’s happy
  • The smell of a roll of film as my 35mm camera shoots
  • Buying new clothing for Sam
  • The ride home from church

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