Landscape: Atlanta Idaho

6AM Atlanta Idaho

Working in the fog quiets everything I do. I step lighter, I contemplate solemn things, I touch plants and even my camera in a more delicate way. That’s the way fog is.

Although it posesses abundant natural beauty Atlanta Idaho is where you find some of the most colorful people you’ll ever meet. When I drove through town slowly I saw lots of faces looking back at me through the windows in houses. I would suspect that a large part of the population lives on cash only and might be hiding from any number of governmental agencys.

If you want to get away from it all then Atlanta Idaho is for you.


Technical and philosophical information: Photo tips

Shot with 5×7 crown graphic with a 210mm Caltar f5.6 lens. Ilford delta 100 film. Contact printed.

The visual weight on the right edge of this image would be too much if not for the triplet of reeds on the left. If you look at this carefully you’ll notice that the image has basically no black in it. The deepest black is only a charcoal gray. There isn’t a pure white in this image either. You don’t always need maximum contrast in every image.

-Jon Ball is a professional portrait photographer in Boise Idaho. His portraits can be seen at Thank you for reading photo tips.

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