Goodbye San Clemente

A song dedicated to all of our pals:


Fun friends


Exerpt from my personal diary written December 8th, 2009

“Last night was a spectacle of friendship and the unbelievable fellowship created and maintained by the members of our ward family found here in San Clemente.

Lara and Chris Carlin hosted a goodbye party in behalf of us at their gorgeous home.

The ladies


There were some 100 people there, all good friends, people that we know, love and will surely miss

Two friends


My heart was drawn out to sadness, sorrow and regret. Sadness to leave our ward family, sorrow to think of not seeing them ever again, sorrow to leave this fair city and its charms. Sadness to not see their children grow up, to not see them progress and live out their lives.

Regret to have not created more strong, long-lasting relationships with more of them. Regret in not talking to, helping out, friendshipping. Regret not to have magnified my calling more, regret to not have been valiant in my home teaching, not serving more valiantly. It’s not bittersweet, just bitter.

Party wellwishers


I don’t want to think about it. I just hope and pray that I’ll think back to them and this place with radiant thoughts of joy in the coming years.

I took my Rolleiflex to the party and took a few pictures. Thats one thing that I wish that I’d have done more of thoughout our sojourn in California. I should’ve shot more of normal life with friends and parties and the place, San Clemente.

The guys


We’re going back to Idaho. Back to the place where we started from. It’s a warm place at the table where we’re going. We’ll be fine. But I’ll perhaps never fully get over the dream that I had and the reality that existed down here in our little place in San Clemente.

A chance to have a photo with four babes!


God grant balm for our hearts and spirits as we lift up, clean up and move up North.

I haven’t cried yet. I’ve felt it well up inside but it hasn’t come. I hope I do sometime to leak out the sadness that I feel.”

Vista Marea. Our street for all four years.


Friends on the street. We'll miss you.


Josh my Brother in Law from Idaho. He packed the truck for two days. Drove the truck for two days 1050 miles!


Just before departure


Was our van full of stuff too? You tell me.


Where theres a will.....


One final get together with friends.


  1. Love the pictures. Thanks for being so welcoming to us! We’re sad to see you go and sorry we couldn’t make the farewell party. Looks like a fun group. Good luck in Idaho!

  2. Bummer! Wish we would’ve gotten together more. I’m really disappointed that you guys are gone. :(

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