Landscapes 2008

I presently work on two portfolios simultaneously.

1. Family (photographed with my Rolleiflex in color film)

2. Landscapes (photographed with my 5×7 speed graphic on black and white film)

This blog showcases mainly the family portfolio.

I decided years ago that trying to pursue a fine art portfolio with my 5×7 camera while raising children and running a full-time portrait studio wasn’t a good idea.

Why spend so much time “out there” while right under my nose “in here” was a teeming world of life and action.

Besides, the images that would be of the most value to myself and my loved ones in the coming years will not be sensitive compositions of trees or urban scenes but images of their home life and the adventures that we share together.

These thoughts led me to focus (no pun intended) mostly on the 7 people under my roof. That doesn’t release my longing to go out and shoot landscapes, nighttime photography and all manner of other subject manner but my dedication to the happy raising of my children takes precedence.

This is a conscious choice that I make, it’s not by accident or coerced invitation by my wife.

With that on the table…I have throughout the last few years taken my beloved 5×7 speed graphic camera out and shot landscape photography whenever possible.

That usually means going out 8 to 10 times a year. I really enjoy working with view cameras and take every chance I can to get out there with it. It’s just not all that often at the moment.

I produced a calendar for Christmas 2008 and have thought numerous times that I’d like to post the images for that calendar on the blog.

Here they are:

San Juan Creek #1

Boise River #1

San Juan Creek #2
San Juan Creek #4
Boise river #2
San Juan Creek #5
San Juan Creek #6
San Juan Creek #7
Joshua Tree


  1. The best pictures are the ones we take.

    Hot. Cold. Wet. Dry. There are always photo opportunities waiting to be discovered.

    All the best in the New Year.


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