Residence: Oak Park Illinois

I spent a few days in Chicago in September. My friend, Christian, is a certified U2 fan so he purchased a bunch of General Admission tickets for the 1st show in North America. We went to the show and walked all over Chicago. My favorite time during that trip was the short 3 hour visit we made to a suburb off the Green Line called Oak Park.

Its the place Ernest Hemmingway was born. Frank Lloyd Wright had his residence there. It’s a beautiful place, pure American suburbness.

We were there in the afternoon as the sun had a nice angle to it. Perfect for photography and slow walking.

There were kids walking home from private school in their uniforms, tree lined streets, classic architecture, leaves blowing around in the gentle breeze, 80 degree temperature, Trader Joes on the corner, what else could a white boy wish for?

I love a neighborhood where the sidewalks are 15 feet from the street and the homes have some 20 or 30 feet of lawn in the front yard. It gives your eyes room to move around and allows your body to relax. Room to stretch out.

I do understand that it gets chilly there in the winter though.

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