Family: Bailey before performance

Bailey, age 11, is working on growing up as quickly as possible. She clamors for a cell phone, makeup and shaving cream for her legs. I cannot explain to her how good she has it as a child living at home, she just won’t listen.

As a part of OCMCO (Orange County Mormon Choral Organization) singing in the youth choir she got the opportunity to dress up, wear makeup, shave her legs and get fancy. She looked uncomfortable. It’s tough to start to feel like a grown up. Growing up is tough business.

Full length in street

Her Mother and I are very proud of her. We’re doing everything we can do to teach her.

Bailey with makeup
Baileys hair
Baileys hair



  1. “Baileys performance night” is an amazing portrait. You somehow got the camera to peer into her soul for just an instant, but it’s there, captured in the photograph.

  2. Thanks. That is a very generous comment. Do you have a blog/website? Would you be cool with me putting that S8 movie I did of you and Drew on my blog? I can’t believe that has already been 1.5 years. Crazy

  3. Thanks. She is a little difficult to shoot because she’s skiddish. But when she lets it go she has a haunting quality to her. Its beautiful when she surrenders like that.

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