Some photography highlights of 2009

Sam enjoying the sunshine and the yellow frisbee

We have here a rare example of Sam doing something on the beach not involving a chair.

Sam enjoys going to the beach because its “the one time that I get to sit around while everyone does whatever they want all around me”.

She looks very sweet here.

Birthday cake

Each year Sam asks what kind of cake I wish to have for my birthday. I thought to challenge her this year. “a pineapple upside-down cake”. “OK” she said.

It looked great in the sunlight streaming through the sliding doors. Sunlight is my favorite light source. I used to eschew it in my photograph, now I embrace it.

Summers day

You can feel the sunlight in this photograph. Lily spent the afternoon with me watching Jack ride back and forth on his skateboard.


Foliage at the Huntington

I am constantly interested in images of texture and motion. This one was my favorite of 2009.

Bailey running at Jog-a-thon

Bailey spent the first 3 minutes of the Jog-a-thon in full stride. The next 27 were spent in levity and goofing.

Mom way out in front

At the Huntington Library with my Father and Mother, my Mother objected to the rate my Dad and I took along the gardens. She chose to pull us along with a 30 pace lead. “c’mon you guys, lets go”

Kenzie on hike

Kenzie is our cousin. She has loads of attitude and long, thick, black hair. Here we are hiking in Snow Canyon State Park in Utah.

New wheels on skateboard

New wheels at the surf shop offered me the luxury of photographing Jack. 8 years old and a fresh set of skateboard wheels. Life is good.

Graces 1st cake
First taste of cake

Throughout our lives, cake is the symbol of good times. That first taste is overwhelming. Grace did not hold anything back, pure instinct took over.

graceopeningpresents copy
Opening presents (with a little help)

That little girl has it all. New toys, three doting siblings, two doting parents and a happy birthday sign falling down. Good times.

Grace on printer

She is very busy. I thought her dress was sweet and I couldn’t get her to hold still. I placed her high on my laser printer to anchor her. This whole process took 10 seconds.

Awaiting rescue

Every day Grace takes an afternoon nap. Every other day she sleeps. The days that she doesn’t sleep she stands in her crib awaiting rescue.

Graceinbed copy
Trying to sleep

Grace is a fitful sleeper. I wanted a photo of my sleeping baby, as everyone knows nothing is sweeter than a sleeping baby. I had a dim lightbulb in her room and a fan blowing for some white noise. It took two hours for her to go to sleep in these conditions.

She sleeps with the blankie Grandma Smith made for her.

Graces first birthday

The kids love to party. They love their little sister. Its one of the pleasures of having many children.


  1. Jon you have such a gift for capturing the nuances of personalities in just a single picture. Your explanation about Kenzie was just a confirmation of what one can already see, that picture says it all!

    I find your images constantly inspiring. Every time I come back around and look at them I feel a lift inside and a desire to try to create something equally moving.

  2. That is a very kind and encouraging response to my work. I appreciate it. I work very hard at trying to get a the lifeblood of things.

    I have other pictures of Kensie that show the same personality. Thanks very much.

  3. I love looking at these photos! Though it’s making me really sad we won’t be able to come down to see you this weekend!!!

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