Logan, Utah 1994

Logan, UT 1994

I placed this photo on the critique rack in a photo class 16 years ago. It was a “zone system” class. Everyone had photos of running rivers, stands of quaking aspen trees, granite rocks and other predictable subject matter. 

The teacher, Craig Law, held the photo in his hand with his other hand on his chin. He stroked his thick moustache as he furrowed his brow. 

“Why did you take this photo?” 

“I don’t know. I guess I thought it looked cool?” 

“Any other reason?” 

“I had to fulfill the assignment.” 

He put it back on the rack and went on with the business of shredding our work. Why did I take this photograph? I’ve thought about it over the years. Why? 

Gravity and time are steadily pulling our feeble efforts apart. “dust to dust” When you build a house gravity and time begin their battle against it. The window screen on the bottom window is losing its fight against gravity. The paint is peeling, time has brittled its enamel and gravity is beckoning for it to join the earths surface.   

The only way to overcome is to labor against their forces. Repaint the house, fix the screen. But the frame is settling more each day. The paint will fade again. My dad said it best “life is maintenance”. 

We’ll all lose the battle. We’ll end up back in the earth. “dust to dust”. But our spirit, our eternal spirit rises and lives forever. 

That’s why I took this photo.


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