Where’s me going?

Where's me going?

When you’re a kid you go where you’re taken.

Sam and I used to work together at my Portrait Studio. Bailey (our oldest child) was 3 years old. Jack was a 6 month old. Getting ready in the morning with them was frantic. They were rushed through bath time, breakfast and finally tossed into their car seats for the trip to the babysitters house. Sam and I were rushing around a lot those days. Everything seemed so urgent. Well, maybe not urgent, but crazy. We had a new business and two little kids. I had no clue what I was doing. I felt confused so I acted confused.

One morning was especially chaotic and while we were driving to the babysitters house Bailey asked “Where’s me going?”

That was the beginning of a decision that Sam and I have made to keep out “busy-ness” to a minimum. It’s hard with kids these days. They’re supposed to be in soccer, lacrosse, piano, riding lessons, swim team, etc, etc… We choose to have our kid’s home with us. They have one or two outside activities but we have dinner at home every night as a family. Sam’s a great cook so it’s extremely pleasurable for me and our dinnertime conversation is always interesting.

That’s the life we’ve carved out for ourselves. We don’t want to be so busy that our kids and us both wonder.

“Where’s we going”?

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  1. i love that story of Bailey and have shared it many times! it is a good question to ask ourselves regularly…where ARE we going??

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