What’s so great about shoe shopping?

So many options

This is the women’s shoe section at the Nordstrom Rack in Seattle. Sam and I used to go to Seattle every fall for three days to unwind. I went there to photograph and she went to shop. 

Nordstrom is based in Seattle. It’s flagship store is the keystone location downtown and the Rack is just a few blocks from its handsome sibling. It’s a treasure hunt to shop there. As you can see there are a lot of women’s shoes. So many, that they fall off the rack and lie there. I think this was the size 8’s rack. The selection is very vast. You could try on pink hi-heels or black boots, whatever you want. 

Sam loves to shop there. It’s quick going because you don’t have to wait for a salesperson to bring your size. If they have it you can see it.

The process goes like this: find it, throw it on the ground, jam your foot into it, decide if you want it, leave it on the ground or flick it back onto the rack with your toe. 

It’s kind of sad. These shoes were once new, exciting footwear. Now they’re like a room full of lost orphans. It’s not as bad as a garage sale but it’s close.


  1. My sister in law is the manager at that store : ) Tell Sam I can hook her up next time you go .

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