How to be a friend

How to be a friend

It’s not my natural inclination to have compassion. I am a little more of a rascal (my Dad says there are two types of men – Gentlemen and Rascals) then I wish but I’m trying. It distresses my Dad – all those rascals out there. He says that incivility rules and that being a rascal is celebrated. Jack, my son is not a rascal. He was born with a gentlemen’s heart. 

When Jack turned 4 he hosted a superhero birthday party. Sam prepared custom capes for each of the kids, a visit from Spider Man, a maiden in distress scenario and numerous other exciting details that made his party incredibly unique. 

4-year-old children are funny. It’s hard to predict their behavior. Jacks buddy, Josh, was sad that day. He was disinterested in partying. He cried and wanted to go home. Jack held his hand and didn’t give up on him until Josh became the most vigorous partier. It was touching.  

I witnessed Jack help his friend and tried to document the story. I was fascinated how a 4-year-old could feel compassion for his friend at his own birthday party. If you know Jack this story won’t surprise you. If you don’t know Jack just have faith in the rising generation. These kids are awesome people. They are unique. My Mother calls them Millennial Children. She wrote an entire book regarding parenting them. 

How to be a real friend
One of the partygoers

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  1. it’s so great how josh and jack are still good friends. they were buddies at the scout day camp I volunteered at this week! and they are so different, which is probably why they love each other so much!

    is that LOL pic of one of the partygoers Emily??? so cute!

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