Announcing Kimi Lynn Ball


Kimi at 7:00AM, 3.5 hours old.

To the whole world: Family, friends and strangers – we announce the birth of our 5th child! 

Kimi Lynn Ball was born in our bedroom at 3:13AM. Sam woke me up at 12:30AM “It’s time”. Our midwife and assistant (Paula and Jill from Treasure Valley Midwives) showed up at 1:15am and Sam labored calmly for three hours. She listened to soothing music with her eyes closed. The final 5 contractions she was a touch hysterical as she “pushed”. I stood behind her and cried. 

During the labor I spent my time between sorrow and sadness, pacing the floor and “helping”. I thought of our other 4 births.  I recalled their faces and cried. I lowered my head and silently prayed to bless Sam and bless the baby. Nothing could be more emotional than the birth of your own children.

I thought of the scripture in Genesis 3:16.

Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children..

When Kimi finally came and the midwife placed her on Sam’s chest, both her and I were crying. My head was spinning. Her face was pink and full. Her tiny hands opened and closed. Sam kept saying “She’s here” “It’s Over!” “She’s so beautiful!” “I’m so glad.” “That hurt so BAD!”

I didn’t say anything. I just admired Kimi and wept.

I got to hold her for the first time when Sam was moved from the tub to the bed. I took Kimi into our walk in closet and prayed over her. Then I looked into her face and remembered our other children. I thought about their troubles and remembered holding each of them as a newborn infant. It was humbling.

Today I am exausted, humbled, introspective, emotional, joyful and pleased.

We have our babies at home. It’s a decision that Sam made after our first child was born in the Hospital in Santa Barbara. Her friend, Kara, gave her the confidence to do it with our second child. His birth was mayhem. Sam delivered him as the midwife’s assistants came in the front door. I was fully hysterical. 

We had a better feel about what to expect and what needed to be done with baby number three. She was born on our bed while I held Sam. She was on her hands and knees. That was one of the most spiritual experiences we’ve ever had.  

Our fourth was delivered in an inflatable kiddie pool. Sam loved being in the water. She said it helped support her body. It was on Mother’s Day 2008. Sam was so calm that she joked with me between contractions as she sat in the pool. It was daytime for that one. I like that much better than these middle of the night deliveries.  

Kimi was born in a kiddie pool too. 

The method a woman chooses to have her babies is a severely personal choice. At home or in the hospital, whatever she chooses, it’s a holy thing. We love to have ours at home because it’s peaceful, it’s calm, it’s comfortable and I love getting into my own bed after the baby is born with my wife. We’re not afraid of “what might happen if…” because the midwife monitors the pregnancy carefully and if there is a complication coming she can usually discern it.

I joke with Sam that all she thinks and talks about is birth until it’s over and then it’s business as usual. We make a big deal out of how we do it but ultimately no matter how it happens you end up with a baby.

Now that I’ve witnessed four home births I approve of it. I think it’s amazing. If someone ever asks my opinion about it I’ll say this: “Study it, pray about it, and don’t think it’s a crazy option because billions of people were born at home.”

Eyes open
Lily holding Kimi
Three sisters
Kids with Grandma
Grace and Lily
Grace is skeptical
Full length. Diaper only.
Checking lungs
8lb. 2oz.
Kimi Lynn

Thank you to everyone who has called and who has offered help.


  1. These pictures of Kimi are beyond words! I can only speak for myself but to see the fresh face of someone who’s so recently come from no-where to now-here stirs my heart!

    Love the name spelling, I named my daughter Boni

  2. I love you Kimi!

    As a fellow “home-birther” I would like to say that it totally rocks to have your babies at home!! And as a caveat I always tell people who get that “you’re crazy” look on their face when I tell them I’ve had 3 at home, it’s only for the woman who is a good “candidate”. I certainly don’t believe it’s the ONLY way and that every woman should look into it. I do however believe that the most important thing for women to realize is that they have choices and to study out all the options instead of just “following the crowd” to the hospital. I read and read so many books and so much information before I decided that I wanted to try it the “old-fashioned” way. What a blessing every home-birth experience was. And even my “not-so-natural” husband loved the experience!

    Ok…I’m done pontificating on the subject now! Did I say how much I LOVE Kimi and ALL my nieces and nephews??

  3. Hello Jon and Sam,
    Long time no news.
    I do call and leave messages all around. Great news Kimi’s arrival she looks a lot like her dad.
    I am so glad you folks have settled in and the kids are doing great.Grace the carrot nosed baby is 2 now. Wow time does go by quick. I do miss you folks every time I go to San Clemente.
    Take care

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