Lookin’ for light in all the wrong places

The right light, the right time.


A neighbor saw me walking back and forth behind my apartment complex in Santa Barbara and asked: “What are you doing back there?” 

I said “Looking for great light.” 

He said “You’re lookin’ for light in all the wrong places.” 

It was clever. I laughed and then took this self-portrait. Can anyone explain what another does? I find myself saying/thinking this all the time “What is he/she thinking? Why is he/she doing that? It makes absolutely no sense” 

Then you see their incredible success. Amazing. I guess I only know slivers of fragments of shards of scattered information. 


Photo tips, philosophical data and technical information 

The high sunset is the light source in this photograph. I had an idea of what I wanted in this photograph and just watched and waited for the right light. I was looking for strong front lighting and the knives of light shafts shooting down the sides of the building for interesting background elements. 

The exposure was f 16 at 1/250th. I was using Ilford Delta 400 film in my Rolleiflex 3.5e camera. 

I have another 5 or so images from this location of different people but haven’t scanned them yet. They’ll eventually make their way onto the blog.

One comment

  1. This is one of my favorite photos of my husband. What a hotty!! I remember the little spot in the back of our apartment building where he took this photo. No one but Jon could find that little patch of light. He made me stand there for a photo one Sunday afternoon in my scrubbies and promised never to show it to anyone. That is when I learned not to trust him when he says no one will see certain photos. I am and always will be a lucky lady.

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