Family: Wyatt at the house

Won't remember anything about anything about this.

So much happens in any given day. How can anyone remember most of it? 

My brother and his wife came over for dinner a few months ago and I took this photo of Wyatt, his son,  drinking his bottle. I’m in the photo too, see my old brown shoe in the lower right corner? 

That’s the miracle of photography. It remembers everything that you cannot. 

But, yesterday I spent most of my 2-year-old daughters birthday party behind a camera. I did some video and watched it this morning. While I was watching it I thought “why didn’t you just enjoy the moment? Why video tape it? Why not just savor the live action? What’s your problem?” 

I remember living in Santa Barbara in college. There were always tourists walking around downtown. I walked behind several people walking around with their video cameras at eye level as they walked. Is that really necessary? Who is going to watch the 45 minutes of Neddy’s video? 

Don’t know what I’m trying to say here because I am a pro-photography person. 

I just regret not soaking up the moment last night with my 2-year-old.


  1. Man I know how you feel. I always regret it when I view an entire special occasion looking through a camera. But later, when I have those photos/video to look at, I appreciate that I did.

    The only reasonable solution is to be rich enough to hire someone to photograph all your events. That way you can enjoy the event and enjoy the photos later.

    Can you imagine hiring a Christmas morning photographer? I wouldn’t do it for less than $10,000.

  2. Christmas morning photography is probably just around the corner. Have you heard of the photographers that hide in the bushes and photograph couples when they get engaged?

    And incidentally, the only reasonable solution to most of lifes problems is “to be rich enough”.

    I might think about doing a christmas morning for 10K.

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