Family: Grace on the swing

Serious Swinger

There is an image from the same swinging occasion that I posted a few days ago here.  

I wrote about the simple joys of life in that post. The simple joys can get tired though. In fact some of them lose all their allure with the passage of time. For example.  

Grace can swing for 10 minutes laughing. At minute number 11 she stops and starts to look around for something better. She becomes Ms. Serious Swinger.  

Some of the simple joys that have lost their charms on me are:  

Butterfinger candy bars  

Roller Coasters  


Girbaud jeans 

Mountain Dew 

Cheap hotels  

Taco Bell  

Flip Flops  

Staying up super late  

95% of TV  

Cold cereal for breakfast 

French Fries  

Driving fast and recklessly  

Nearly every blockbuster movie (T2, Twins, Independence day)(C’mon who didn’t love twins?) 

Shooting guns  

Dreaming of sports cars 

Dancing at dances (I dance horribly. Random impulses of major muscle groups) 

Dancin' with Flip Flops on

Thinking I am smart, handsome and invincible  

Cologne (Drakkar Noir) 

Air Travel

Swimming (lets go swimmin’, Lets not) 

Mowing the lawn without my shirt on

Tell me yours…


  1. I must not be old enough because I still really like a LOT of those things…

    Butterfingers – DELICIOUS
    Mountain Dew – I stick to diet mountain dew these days
    Cold cereal for breakfast – STILL GREAT!!!
    Shooting guns – Come on now. Shooting stuff is awesome!
    Taco Bell – The beefy 5 layer burrito will change your life!
    Flip flops – How can you not like flip flops anymore? You were in california just a few months ago. Have you forgotten already?

  2. I can pretty well ditto your whole list however I still enjoy french fries and shooting guns. I have lost intrest in pretty much anything that take precious time away from home and family.

  3. Girbaud jeans!! LOL! My brother Aaron used to BEG my mom to buy him some. Since we didn’t have much money, he opted to have one pair of girbauds instead of having a couple of cheap kinds. so funny

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