Family: My Mom

A couple summers ago

Todays post is dedicated to my Mother.

How do you write something meaningful and succient about the person who gave you life? Especially about the one who fed you and and kept you alive through your most vulunerable times? How can you express what’s in your heart about the person who didn’t kill you when she should have?

I was not a kind hearted, compassionate kid. Actually, I gave my Mother an express ticket to the”valley of sorrow” because for many years I saw my Mother as nothing more then a resource to be exploited. 

“Jonathan, I don’t have the money for a go-cart”

“Mom, you’re lying. I saw your checkbook. There are lots of checks in there”


“Where were you Jonathan?” “Your father and I were worried sick about you”

“Who cares. Where’s my dinner?”


“Jonathan please stop beating up your Brother! Someday you’ll want to be his friend and he might not want to be your friend”

“How do you know that? I wouldn’t want to be his friend anyhow.”

She kept it together all through those years. She never stopped believing that I’d be something. It had to be tough.

Lucky for her, I grew up and I started to see my Mother for who she is, a kind and generous woman who has done a long list of impossible things. Things that most people never even consider doing. I saw that most of her life has been spent in the service of  her children and grandchildren.

I admit that she’s not perfect and a little crazy but who isn’t? 

Happy Mothers day to you Mother. I love you. Thank you for dealing with me. I’ll try to spend coming years trying to pay you back. I won’t not forgot about the tender mercies you’ve rendered.


  1. Thanks, Jon. I’m glad I persisted in mothering you and didn’t give up every time I was tempted to.

  2. she is amazing! luv you mom!! BTW…i’m curious…what do you think they are laughing about? my gues is something Scott said…do you remember??

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