Vintage: Jonahs first haircut 1997

It takes five adults to cut a two year olds hair

Sam and I had the best year of our lives in 1997. We were living in Santa Barbara. We were two years married. I was in the middle of my education at Brooks Institute of photograpy (if you want to get an education that is both entertaining and fun, photography school is my suggestion). Sam was finishing her degree at Santa Barbara City College. The future was laid out before us like a luxury buffet.

This particular Saturday afternoon were at a summer solstice parade in downtown Santa Barbara with our good friends.

Jonah was a little kid when we all went to college together. Our friends were the only ones that had a child throughout those years.

They’re strong, Jonah didn’t slow them down a bit. On trips to LA, camping, going out to eat, etc.. they’d pack him up and take him everywhere. The joke amongst us all was that Jonah always woke up in a strange place. He lived like a roaming bachelor.

The mood struck them to cut Jonahs hair.

Everything is an event with a first child. The first haircut is no exception.

Jonah cried and screamed. The lolipop he is sucking on kept him happy. Jill is holding Jonah. What a dedicated Mother! My buddy, Christian, is the one leaning in with the camera. He got a lot of great images too.

Good times. The college years were unbelievable. I miss them. Jonah is a high school student now. He’s an awesome dude.


Photo tips, philosophical data and technical data

Camera used: Rolleiflex 3.5e. Ilford delta 400 film. Exposure unknown.

It reminds me of a Norman Rockwell painting.

It’s fun to arrange a group of people into a camera frame. Christian leaning in the right side of the image leads your eye to the center.  Sam cleans up the left side of the image and forces your eye back to the center. Jonah, Jill and the barber are engaged in their business. It took five adults to cut his hair.

-Jon Ball is a photographer living in Boise, Idaho. His portraits can be found at

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  1. Holy crap, he’s in high school?!? I remember babysitting him at your aunts cabin in eastern Idaho. Wow. Cool picture though!

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