Landscape: Two hairy legs of a tall giant


Two long legs of a dark giant

Another landscape from my choice location, San Juan Creek in San Juan Capistrano, California.

I showed it to Jack and he told me it looks like two long legs of a dark giant. Hairy legs. Lily is fascinated with my hairy legs she’ll say:

“Mom, why are Dad’s so furry?”

“Mom, Dad is hairy like a bear.”

“Dad, do only Dads have hair all over their bodies?”

“Dad, does you hair tickle you all the day?”

You never know how your photography will encourage discussion in your household.


Photo tips, philosophical ideas, technical information

Shot with my trusty (but a little old) 1920’s 5×7 crown graphic camera. Schnider 305 g-claron lens. Delta 100 film. Exposure 15th second f32

I was trying to overexpose the sunlit background a little so I could get the shadowed area with some details. The contact print of my 5×7 negative is incredibly detailed. The shadow has subtle details that enchant the eye. The scan only shows a shade of the shadow.

The shadows are so alluring in photographs. They encourage searching into the mysterious parts of an image. Whats my favorite shadowy image? George Tice’s image here. The online image looks cool but the actual print is staggering. I saw it at the Getty center in LA a couple years ago.

-Jon Ball is a photographer living in Boise Idaho with his family. Thank you for reading photo tips.

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  1. oh she is so sweet!! you should see Alex’s legs…talk about hairy!! wonder what Lily would say to a cousin having legs like her dad??

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