Family: Our house

Our place of business

This is our house. Our place of business.

One Sunday after a flurry of helping Sam brown hamburger and sweep the kitchen I walked outside to feel some cool air on my neck. I went out the front door into the 30 degree air and saw this sharp sunlight carving shadows across the front of our house.

I had no choice. I grabbed my Rolleiflex and made an exposure from the cul-de-sac. The sunlight was reflecting off the front of the house and I lost detail in the siding . I try not to let that bother me but it does. Nonetheless… It’s a great photograph of our house. I like it.

Even in a simple photograph like this there are clues to a story. We walk the kids to school in the morning. Grace rides in her red stroller. We store it on the front porch. I’ve posted about that here

The perfectly posed cloud formation over the peaks on the house were totally luck. I was in a hurry. Josh and his brood were on their way over for dinner. I glanced over at their car speeding up the road just before I pushed the plunger on my cable release.

It was starkly sunny at that moment. You wouldn’t know it was winter if you didn’t notice the empty branches scratching the surface of my picture. 

Gray fills the sky most the winter in Boise. I’ve blogged about that here. The sun probes the ground in Boise occaisonally. Some days it even looks sunny and cheerful. Your hopes bubble up until you go outside and get a cold lick from the North wind. I call it the “fools gold of Idaho” 

I love to get great images of our houses.The kids look at them often. Here’s one of our house in California.

Ball household. San Clemente, California

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