Family: Snow day

10AM 30 degrees farenheit

Have you ever seen the old Disney movie “Snowball express”? Welcome to the Snowball express!

A fresh blanket of snow is magical. All white and fun.

Bailey on sled

We pulled the sled behind the golf cart. Bailey got the first ride.

We woke up to this snow. It was perfectly dry the night we went to bed.

Snow falls silently on the roof.

Snowball throw

Ethan is always willing to do whatever it requires to have fun.


We had these goggles in our coat closet for 4 years in California.

The kids pulled them out all the time to pretend they were in the snow.

Jack finally got the chance to actually use them for their intended use.

Sam using her new camera

Look at that snow in the background. It was spectacular.

On the golf cart

The cats always seemed to be right there whenever we turned around.

Card table fort

Snow day lasted all day. Jack and Bailey built a Snow fort with a card table.


  1. looks like you guys are having a great time in winter wonderland… i would rather have your snow then these horrible rain storms we are getting right now…

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