Alternate Christmas

The less glamourous parts of Christmas. Might as well put them on my Blog.
Merry Christmas

Each year Grandma Brown hand crafts (yes that is by hand, one at a time) gifts for all of her grandchildren and great grandchildren and great grandson-in-laws (thats me). It is an incredible act of love. 

This is the beacon of Christmas in her front window. I should’ve shot the entire yard. What you are missing out on seeing is the giant inflatable snow globe and Santa.

New Hat

Handmade winter caps are so great. Snug fit, timeless design.

No money is required to give a brilliant gift.

Think of it: A hat made just for you by your Great Grandmother,

when you were one year’s old.

Handmade blankets for the boys

Custom made blankets for the boys.

What’s more cozy?


The Brown family has a huge variety.

Chris was released from Jail just before the party. A string of DUI’s had caught up with him.

That tatoo on his forearm has the name of his three kids.

Sadly, Grandpa Brown passed last year. His quiet and caring presence was missed.

He was a guy that quietly did the right thing, day after day. No one watched him. No one gave him attention for it. He was Friendly, kind, helpful and dutiful.

We invited him to our Christmas party years ago. He showed up in a fancy shirt, black slacks and a tweed sportcoat 30 minutes early.


Why would I crop this photograph? 

We’d lose the boots on little Sam’s feet, the paper plate with crumbs. The song on the TV.  The snowmen over Eric’s shoulder.

All of these are important contextual clues. The tell the story of the house and family.

Nothing beats the accuracy of photography.

Lily with Raggedy Anns

Lily got a Raggedy Ann. It’s on her lap here. She sleeps with it nightly.

This is Janeen’s collection of Raggedy Ann’s made by her Mother.

Janeen is Sam’s single Aunt. 

Christmas tree

I like straightforward, detailed photography. Detailed information that tells a story.

Sultry, smoky and smoggy photographs suck.

If I had to tell a story about this image it would be about a traditional American family that celebrates Christmas each year the same way. They’d be normal people. Anonymous, and normal.

But I would make it much more interesting than that. I’d add a plot twist like a son in the Army away at war.

Christmas decor

Some Christmas mirth. 

Hallway festivity

Some more Christmas mirth 

Game Cabinet

I could do an entire series of photographs just on Grandma Brown’s house. 

She’s lived there since the early 70’s. It’s probably 1000 square feet. I saw this cabinet in the basement and was compelled to take the photograph.

My favorite details are the two bronze bookends of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young and the two stuffed bears nested together on the top shelf.


No reason for this photograph.

I Just thought it looked like a shot from a horror film. 

Lily in hallway

This was the photograph I was waiting to take when I did the one of the empty hallway. 

Watching TV the day after Christmas

This is what the kids room looks like the day after Christmas.

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