Haloween extras

I shoot film…That means that you get almost all of your photos when you process your film. I get 12 shots per roll so when I shoot a partial roll I get to wait a while for the other image from the shoot. Here are a few more Halloween photographs.

Black and White Boy

Considering the fact that his makeup job was done entirely by himself he got a remarkably nice line between the black and white.

The worlds fiercest lion

The best part about this costume was to watch him walk, and grab candy with his “paws”.

Bailey and Tatym

Bailey is tall. At the moment she is the tallest kid in the entire school. She says “I don’t like being that tall”. But we all know that she’ll love to have all that height later in life. She just told me that “I owe her a new Ipod touch case for this post”

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