Halloween 2009

Gates to somewhere


I woke up on Haloween morning and looked out the window to see a gorgeous blanket of fog. I grabbed my Rollei and lit out for the fun. I saw this gate and immediatly was drawn to it. I thought of our upcoming move out of California back to Idaho.


Fog on Haloween morning


Fog is the most rewarding weather condition to photograph in. I love it. I don’t get much fog in San Clemente so this was a real treat. It was in Idaho.


The sky coming through


This was when it was breaking up and you could see the blue sky poking through. It was over at that point.


Black and White boy


Jack and I discussed what he would be for Haloween for weeks. I suggested to him an old favorite of mine when I was a kid.

I never had much direction as a child around Haloween because the house was full of 8 kids. I was one of the oldest ones and there wasn’t time to dress each of us individually. My Mother usually got a package of Haloween makeup and I painted half of my face white and the other half black. Then I wore a black trenchcoat. Trenchcoats seemed to be much more abundant in Idaho in the 80’s. I was this person 3 years in a row.

Jack painted his hair black too. He looked great. I love the October sky too, its just so photogenic.

The unappreciated costume.


When it came right down to it Lily didn’t like her costume. She obliged me by opening her butterfly wings for a picture. She got a lot of candy though.

Trick or treaters before dark


We had 3 bumblebees, one transformer bumblebee, a butterfly, a princess, a ghostbuster, a stormtooper, a lion and a black and white guy.
Beside me were at least 6 other cameras documenting this momentous meeting of the trick or treaters. We sure do make a lot of photographs these days.

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