A letter from Kimi

Me in my bed in my room

A letter from Kimi:


I’m Kimi. I’m Jon and Sam’s daughter. I was born last year sometime in June. My mommy had me in her bedroom in a swimming pool. When I was born my dad was crying. It was fun getting born except that it was very uncomfortable. When I was a baby everyone loved me and kissed me on my head, face and ears. Now that I’m big they still do. I don’t mind it but sometimes it gets tiresome so I cry.

I like to do a lot of things but my favorite is to be with my mommy. She’s so awesome . She nurses me and holds me and sings songs to me and reads books to me and calls me little sweetie and always looks at me and smiles. I love her so much. My dad says I’m my mommy’s personal stalker, whatever that is. He’s kind of rough. Today he was playing with me and dropped my on my face onto the carpet. I smashed my nose. I cried really hard for a long time. It didn’t really hurt all that bad but mommy was gone and just knowing that my dad was the one that was helping me was bad.

I used to stare at lightbulbs. I don’t so much anymore. I used to eat everything. But once I tasted a lemon and now I’m more careful. It’s good to be a little older.

I recently learned how to sit up on my own. It’s awesome because I can see my mommy more easy now. She always walks by me and says “Hi little angel.” I always wish she’d pick me up but most the time she says she’s too busy.

Grace my sister is really rough. Last week I was eating a barbies hair and I fell onto my tummy. I just kept eating but then Grace sat on my back and said “Go Horsee” I don’t know what that is but she’s really heavy. I cried.

Grace is getting potty trained. A few days ago she was standing right next to me and she peed her pants. It made a little puddle right next to my hand so I patted it. My daddy was babysitting again (boooo) and he picked Grace up by one arm and acted mad. When I tasted Grace’s pee it was salty. More salty than anything I’ve ever eaten before. That was weird.

Grace likes to climb into my crib and jump when I’m sleeping. It’s funny but scary. Mom gets really mad when Grace does that. Really, really mad.

The hardest thing I’ve ever had to do is sleep all the way through the night. Wow – the night is loooong. When I was a baby I’d wake up and cry. Then my mommy would run into hold me and nurse me. I woke up as much as I could. Sometimes 4 times per night. It was so awesome. Then she stopped running in. Then she would let me cry a while. Then she stopped coming in. That was hard. I never want to do that again. She said that it’s better this way so I can learn how to go to sleep and sleep through the night. I don’t know if that’s true because Lily my older sister never sleeps through the night. She walks around like a ghost at night. It’s weird.

My favorite thing, besides my mommy is my blanket. My grandma Smith made it. The pink edge around it is so soft and fun to eat. I eat it whenever possible.

My daddy took this picture of me right after a nap. My mommy said “Jon, could you go get Kimi?” he came in with a big tall black camera and took this picture. It’s weird what he takes pictures of.

Anyhow. That’s my life.







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