A Ravenous Appetite for All Things Corny

face painting
Patiently waiting for the artist to load her paintbrush

Kids love everything gimmicky. Everything’s new to their eyes, tongues, ears and fingers. Isn’t it remarkable? My brother got married a few weeks ago. The DJ played all the classic dance party songs. My kids didn’t like YMCA – they loved it! It was all new to their ears. When we got home Jack asked me if he could download that cool new song YCMA.

Some years ago my daughter ran into my office and told me that if I just enter my credit card information online we would probably win a 4 day trip to Mexico. “We’ll probably win. Noone I know has entered the contest” she said.

Their favorite foods are based on five flavors: Cheese, butter, salt, ketchup and sugar. Mac and cheese, chicken strips, buttered toast, and of course candy. We gave Grace her first taste of Cotton Candy at the Western Idaho Fair this summer. She was berzerk crazy for it and crazy berzerk after she ate it.

These innocent little people haven’t had time to diversify their pallete. Their visual sensibilities are crude and their appetite for all things corny is ravenous. It’s so easy for me to forget that they’re such simple creatures.

My buddy, Christian, has four boys. We were watching one of them and I was asking him questions. I asked “what’s your favorite restaruant?” He said “Costco”

When my kids saw all the other kids at the Boise music festival with their “cool” face paintings our visit to the festival turned into a mad hunt to find the magic face painter. Honestly, if you’re lacking enthusiam in your life, just take a kid to get their face painted.

Puppett Show by Alfred Eisenstaedt 1963

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