I Just Become Unglued Silly When She’s With Me

Kim at 3 months

Having a new baby in the house is beyond words. Every day we hold her, kiss her, cuddle her, and hold her some more. Sam says “she is just so awesome” 10 times daily. My dad calls her a “little bundle of honey”.

I never thought I’d be so schmaltzy. In fact if my 18-year-old self would have seen the things I say and do in the presence of my babies he’d consider suicide because it’s just so uncool. I just become unglued silly when she’s with me.

Well, anyways. There she is sitting happily on her mommy’s lap.


  1. she is like honey! such a sweetie. i can’t wait to see her again….and I’m getting to the point where I think I’m excited about having my own..again!

  2. yeah…not so sure about it being a Winston….jury’s still out on that, at least according to me! scott is SURE he’s finally getting his Winston!

  3. man jon i love your images. it makes me want to start a family as soon as possible just for the reason of capturing images like these.

  4. Thanks for the compliment. Don’t worry about starting that family. They’ll all eventually be here. Just enjoy the stage of life you are in. You are in a glorious time of life! Trust me I think about my college years frequently.

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