Have You Seen This Cat?

Sam and I were out last night on our weekly date night. I found this poster duct-taped to a downtown street light pole. I thought of all my blogging friends and how much they’d enjoy it.

It reminds me that art can be done anywhere, on any budget. Lately in my business activities I’ve been working on a prototype dental newsletter for my new business venture – waybeyondnewsletters.com. After many revisions of our prototype newsletter we’ve (Zach and I) determined that the newsletter can be a work of art. We want our newsletter to possess the power of art. 

What’s the power of art? The power of art is when a work of art elevates the user (viewer, taster, toucher, smeller, hearer) above the mundane, common and mediocre. Art electrifies life. I keeps us motivated to continue in our personal process of creation. We are all creators, just like the ultimate creator.

Did I really have these thoughts from a silly picture of a cat wearing a pirate costume? Yes.

I’d like to see more of the same series.


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