Let them crawl as long as possible


Learning to walk

It’s miraculous. 12 months after a baby is born they can walk. This photograph is Grace. She crawled around from chairs to our sofa to the kitchen cabinets. She’d crawl to them and grab onto a piece of furniture and pull herself up. Then she’d scuttle along. Finally she took her first tentative steps with Sam and I as we sat on the floor 6 feet apart. She walked back and forth between us. We all laughed and clapped as she did it. We’re not laughing and clapping now. 

Because she frantically runs about the house seeking treasure. 

Her favorite treasures are: 

Old Halloween or Easter candy hidden in the kids’ rooms (she eats the candy so fast she’ll eat the wrapper with the candy).

Toothpaste to squirt out 

Deodorant to eat (that’s right, eat) 

Lotion to put in her hair (She does it with such confidence) 

Nail Polish in Bailey’s bedroom (actually, anything in Bailey’s room) 

Markers (We hide the markers, but if she finds a sharpie heaven help us) 

Snacks (any food) 

Everything’s new to Grace and nothing’s off-limits. Bailey can testify to that statement. She has a large red stain on her carpet from a nail polish incident. 

It’s funny to think about how excited everyone was to help Grace learn how to walk.

One comment

  1. I feel the exact same way about Ashlyn! We teach them to walk and talk, then they won’t stop talking or running around. Parents must be gluttens for punishment! :o)

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