Our Adventure to Zeno Canyon Part III

The informal trailhead.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to drive off-road. The road to the Zeno canyon trailhead was a solid 20 mile drive through a high desert plain in south central Idaho. If you drive 20 miles into the backcountry in southern Idaho you are going to have solitude. We spent the entire Saturday on this trip and didn’t see another person. 

The view as we drove to the canyon

If you plan to hike down to the falls in the canyon let me give you a some suggestions. 

  1. Stay to the right. The left trail narrows until you are choked with brambles.
  2. Stay to the left. Once the brambles start really scratching, go uphill. The view from the cliffs edge will reward you handsomely. You can’t get to the falls from the left trail though.
  3. Don’t bring fishing poles. The creek is lined with bushes so thick that you can’t even see it. Scott packed four fishing poles. He’s a nice dad.
  4. Don’t expect a bodacious waterfall with a pool to dive into. It’s a meager spill, not really a waterfall but it’s cool to see it considering where you are – in the desert.
  5. Expect to improvise. The trail comes and goes. Just keep going downhill and you’ll find a sudden downhill chute to scramble down. The falls are at the bottom.
  6. Don’t wear flip-flops or shorts. It’s just too rough and scratchy.
The expedition party ('cept me)

The trail to the falls was on the outside edge of the tolerance level of the younger boys in our party. They did it though. 

Thanks to Scott and his boys for coming with Jack and I on our annual adventure.

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